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General Questions

Do I have to dial any special access numbers to place a telephone call through GTC Communications?
No. Simply dial 1 plus the area code plus the number for U.S. long distance calls. Include the country and city codes for international calls.

How/when am I notified that my long distance service has been switched to GTC Communications?
You will receive an e-mail notification that your account has been activated. You can also call Customer Service at 1-800-486-4030 to check the status of your account.

What is slamming?
Slamming is the illegal practice of changing a consumer's local or long distance telephone service without their permission.

Long Distance Plan Questions

Will GTC Communications charge me a sign up fee if I sign up for long distance service?
No. GTC Communications will not charge you to sign up for long distance service.

Will my local telephone company charge me a switching fee if I switch to GTC Communications?
Your local telephone company may charge a switching fee to reprogram their switching system to change your long distance carrier to GTC Communications. This fee is billed and collected by your local telephone company, not GTC Communications.

Can I sign up for just interstate long distance service?
No. Long distance service includes all long distance and international calls they cannot be separated. International calls will always be included with GTC Communications long distance as well as in-state long distance. In those states with a single local service area, all in-state calls are local toll calls. Therefore, an exclusive interstate plan is not possible.

Can I sign up for local toll service without signing up for GTC Communications' Long Distance Plan?
No. GTC Communications does not offer a stand-alone local toll plan. GTC Communications' Local Toll Plan is available only with a GTC Communications Long Distance Plan.

What is my Local Toll rate?
With GTC Communications, your local toll rate is the same rate as your in-state long distance rate.

Does GTC Communications charge a fee if I add local toll service to my GTC Communications account?
No. You may add local toll service to your account without incurring an additional fee. However, your local telephone company may charge you a switching fee.

How do I add local toll service to my account?
Call Customer Service at 1-800-486-4030 to add local toll service to your account.

Where can I find my in-state long distance rate?
Go to in-state long distance to view your state's rate.

Why is my in-state rate higher than my interstate rate?
All calls are priced based on the underlying costs of routing each specific type of call. The rates for intrastate long distance calls vary by state as a result of different call routing costs charged to GTC Communications by local telephone companies. All long distance carriers pay the same rate, so you will find this higher in-state rate-pricing with most long distance carriers. GTC Communications offers very competitive in-state rates.

Where can I access GTC Communications' international rates?
Go to international rates for a listing of them.

Is the International Plus Plan available without the Long Distance Plan?
No. You must sign up for a Long Distance Plan in order to sign up for the International Plus Plan.

Billing Questions

Can I pay my bill online?
We currently do not offer that option, but if you would like to pay your bill by credit card, please call customer service at (800) 486-4030 and we could set that up for you.

Can I pay my bill online by check?
We currently do not offer that option at this time.

How are local and state taxes calculated on my bill?
GTC Communications uses standard telecommunications tax calculations for all federal, state and local taxes and surcharges. For detailed information about these tax categories, you should contact the applicable federal, state or local tax office. Many times these offices are listed in the government section of your phone directory, or your local or state consumer offices should be able to provide an address and phone number for these offices.

If I opt to be billed by credit card, when does GTC Communications charge my credit card?
Your bill will be processed on a monthly basis, and your credit card will be billed approximately one day after processing has been completed.

What is a Universal Service Fund (USF) charge?
Federal law requires long distance service providers, like GTC Communications, to contribute to the Universal Service Fund (USF). This fund offers support to telecommunications carriers in rural and high cost areas, low-income consumers, and schools, libraries and rural health care providers. GTC Communications is permitted by the FCC to recover the costs of its contributions to the Universal Service Fund. This percentage is subject to change; however, you will receive prior notification before the change takes place.

What is a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC)?
The MRC is a monthly charge that is based upon the payment plan you choose. For residential customers, if you choose to be billed by credit card with online bill presentment, there in no MRC. If you would like to be direct billed and pay by check, the MRC is $1.95.

What is the Cost Recovery Fee (RCR)?
The monthly Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee of $0.99 will be billed per telephone line on state-to-state and international calls to help defray costs incurred in administrating and complying with obligations and charges imposed by various regulatory agencies, including but not limited to, the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund, national number portability requirements, and federal regulatory and carrier property tax fees.

On my statement I see "switched outbound call detail" what does this mean?
Switched outbound calls are calls that are 1+ calls, such as Interlata and Intralata calls.

I have paid my past due balance. How do I reactivate my service?
Contact the Billing Department at 1-800-486-4030.
Available Monday through Friday from 6AM-6PM PST, Saturdays from 8AM-1PM PST.

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