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GTC Communications Tiered Rate Business Plan II

This plan is available to business customers who have selected GTC Communications as their primary interexchange carrier. All calls are billed in whole minute increments. Partial minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute.

Rate information regarding the in-state rate is available. Click here for more information.

This plan is available to those business customers whose phone line is classified as a “business”, “public”, or “semi-public” lines. Customer may use this service for commercial use. If GTC determines the service is not being used for business service, or in any other way violates the restriction of this service, customer will be ineligible for this product, and GTC may terminate customer’s account.

All federal, state and local taxes, assessments, surcharges, or fees, including sales taxes, use taxes, gross receipts taxes, and municipal utilities taxes, are billed as separate line items and are not included in the rates quoted herein. GTC Communications may adjust its rates and charges or impose additional rates and charges on its Customers in order to recover amounts it is required by governmental or quasi-government authorities to collect from and pay to others in support of statutory or regulatory programs. Examples of such programs include, but are not limited to, the Universal Service Fund, the Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge, and compensation to payphone service providers for use of their payphones to access GTC Communications’ services. GTC Communications may also impose a Regulatory Cost Recovery fee of $0.99 per telephone line on state-to-state and international calls.

Rates and Charges

State to State Calling
Dial 1 per minute rate, 0 – 250 minutes per month $0.07*
Dial 1 per minute rate, 251 – 500 minutes per month $0.065*
Dial 1 per minute rate, 501 – 1000 minutes per month $0.06*
Dial 1 per minute rate, 1001 – 1500 minutes per month $0.055*
Dial 1 per minute rate, 1501+ minutes per month $0.05*
Monthly Recurring Charge
Credit Card or Pay by Check Billing with Mailed Paper Statement $4.95
International Calling**
Basic Per Minute Rates International Basic Plan
$3.00 Preferred International Plan Rates International $3.00 Plan
Minimum Usage Level*** $2.00

*Calls to AK and to/from HI are $0.15 per minute.

** An additional per minute surcharge may apply to international calls made to mobile phones or other wireless devises. Surcharges vary by country).

***When the Customer’s billing falls below a minimum level in any full billing period, a shortfall charge will be applied which is equal to the difference between the minimum level and the actual contributory billing for that billing period per telephone line.

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